The Hands On Horses Program (HOHP) is an umbrella program for the interactive initiatives of The Standardbred Revenue Allocation (SRA) Marketing Committee. The SRA is responsible for administering funding from the Pari-Mutuel Tax Reduction Program, to be used for initiatives that create new racing fans and new horse owners while promoting Ontario harness racing.

Our HOHP initiatives include:

:: Ontario Harness Racing Youth Camps
:: Standardbred Xtreme Adult Harness Racing Camps
:: Project iDrive
:: So, You Think You Can Drive!
:: Showtime Racetrack Staff Training
:: Racetrack Open Houses
:: Industry representation at equine events

Our initiatives rely on a stable of retired Standardbred racehorses, double-seated jog carts, and the support of industry participants who volunteer their time and expertise to help us promote Ontario harness racing.

The Ontario Harness Racing Youth Camp was the original initiative of the Hands On Horses Program, more than a decade ago. Additional initiatives have blossomed over the years, and initiatives under the Hands On Horses Program have introduced thousands of children and adults to the exciting world of harness racing.